One that got away

If that Fremantle team turn up every week…watch out.
Apart from a rather unexplainable period towards the end of the second quarter…when Freo went into shut down mode.

Sandilands…what can I say? His best game for Freo…an exceptional player, and an exceptional game from him.
Crowley’s job on Abblet worthy of a mention…Crowley had the best of him most of the night, including a couple of well deserved ‘holding the ball’ decisions.
How his kick out of bounds was called deliberate, and the Geelong one late in the fourth was not…has got me..all we ask for is consistency…and we dont get it.
Could not believe Jeff Farmer got a couple of frees tonight…he does not get frees!!!
There are plenty of what ifs…and we almost won. Of course we dont get the four points…but I was expecting a thrashing.

Message to Harvey…keep playing the young players…who said we had no good young players coming through? They were wrong.

5 thoughts on “One that got away”

  1. I am looking forward to Ottens coming back, best tap ruckman there is in my opinion, and Blake just isn’t up to going against the big bodies like Sandi, though he is much bigger than this time last year.

    I couldn’t believe Freo in the second half of the second term, it was like you were trying to protect the lead or something, I even saw Pav at full back.

    I actually thought the umps did well to let alot go tonight. Skills were scrappy so alot of holding the ball calls could have been made but were left alone, both ways.

    re: deliberate, Harley’s handball in front of himself shouldn’t have been called, so it was one bad deliberate call each 🙂

  2. admit it…Sandi was awesome tonight. well done Geelong, they are a great disciplined and skilled side.

    6 goals in the second half the second quarter…all class Cats.

  3. i agree sandi was great, totally thrashed blake and mummy. Still cant believe we won the clearances though. What are your thoughts on the time issue? What is it with Freo and clocks?

  4. we are sending a formal complaint…and look forward to being awareded the four points…ala sirengate! 🙂

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