Ablett is a sook

Should play soccer with this effort….expected outcome? Crowley and Carr to get 9 weeks because they wear the Purple Jumper and dared to outplay the umpires pet…

10 thoughts on “Ablett is a sook”

  1. Maybe Geelong had some guy in the crowd who’ll say he saw what happened then change his testimony when it comes to the hearing!!!!!!!

    (Yes, still angry about Baker)

  2. they barely touched him roo. you get hit harder than that on a netball court. he was obviously playing for a cheap free like the soft soccer players do. quite pathetic really.. especially coming from a player as good as he is.

  3. no….but I have had someone sweep their arm towards me and miss…and it did not hurt at all…and I did not fall to the ground like a sooky sooky la la….

    (great player though)

  4. it seems pointless continuing here, as the purple glasses will cloud your judgement, i only hope you are carrying on a good spirited jest due to the fact you lost a close game, and not actually being serious.

    Crowley and Carr illegally scragged Ablett all night, the one free he gets paid, from someone kneeing him, which is against the rules, and you cry foul. If it was your dear Pav, you would all be calling for a suspension…so if you are just having a bit of fun, well done, I am happy to join in, the problem is, my experience of Freo fans is they seem to know the least about football, but cry the loudest…

  5. its just a bit of fun….dont take it seriously!!! its just football!!!!

    Ablett is one of the best players we will ever see….and this is why Freo did whatever they could to stop him.

    The reason people are saying Freo played well is because of the opposition they play against. Roo….enjoy your moment in the sun..I would be!!

  6. stupid internet and not being able to tell sarcasm and humour from seriousness… I shouldn’t post comments late at night after being out all day and being cranky, my apologies.

    i have discovered who lost you the game. He signaled the team to slow the game down with 8:21 on the clock in the 2nd. Ryan Crowley. It was his call that told Freo to play possession footy, which, lets be honest, is what cost them the game.

  7. yes it did….I was discussing that today with the 10 or so Geelong supporters at church who bailed me up!!

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