There are not the words….

To describe how I feel after the Dockers went down to Melbourne by one goal.

You think you have felt it all as a Freo supporter and member of long standing. Crumbs….we survived the ‘Drum’ years…..

but today they took it to a new level.
Up by 50 points against the bottom team in the competition after taking it right up to the best team last week……

I can’t handle much more of this.

3 thoughts on “There are not the words….”

  1. As someone who has seen my share of footballing heartbreak (including an absolute robbery this week) – let me suggest that you laugh really hard about it, it’s the only way to stop the tears!

  2. i just read Knights has told peveril and j. johnson they wont have many more changes at the bombers….two more recruits for the dockers ready to go then? 🙂

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