Things have been really exciting at church lately.
We had another big crowd in today….ran out of seats up the back….thats exciting.
The worship team have been playing excellent music…and it has really been helped by a couple of great musicians sticking around. Eliot is doing a great job with them.

I kicked off our new series and tried some different creative elements….used a few pictures ala ‘Seth Godin’ style. That is used pictures to illustrate a point…bring emotion in. Used my little clicker to control it from the front. I have not used powerpoint for so long…its pretty old and lame. But today I used it in a fresh way. Just used pictures as illustrations…no text, to convey emotion and truth as much as anything else.
I also got one of the blokes from church who has made some significant changes and taken some risks in his work life to tell a three minute ‘vignette’ or testimony to illustrate a point.
We are talking about being fresh….and this morning I talked about how God is a creative God, how we are made in His image…and how one way to find refreshment in your work is to exersise your creative talents.
I think it went okay….

Then…later on in the day I took the two kids and our dog for a walk down Bayswater river….beautiful day…beautiful kids.

Then…my brother in law gave me a nice bottle of red for my birthday….

Chris Judd said something really significant during the week…particularly for a footballer. He said that ‘football’ is not real life.. Ha!! your right Chris.

Thanks God for a beautiful refreshing day, thanks for my wife, my kids, my church…and some beautiful provisions today.

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