Zoltan Kovaks has written the biggest load of crap ever

Todays opinion piece in the Western Australia Zoltan Kovaks take the prize as the biggest load of crap written in our daily paper…and that is saying something.

Fair enough, criticise the Fremantle Football club for their inconsistent form. Criticise them for some of their draft picks….but Zovaks has no idea about the soul of the club…no idea at all.

Soul does not come from success….some might say it comes from how the club responds to defeats….

Was Zovak around in 2001 when Fremantle crowds still turned up in number to cheer the club when it won only two games and brought the wooden spoon home? No….he was off sipping lattes somewhere.
I was there, during rain drenched nights…I heard the crowd cheering, groaning…but all the time still supporting. I saw the crowd numbers tick over which would give a club like North Melbourne heart.

I was there when we marched from Fremantle to Subiaco to declare our heart is in Fremantle, and unlike the manufactured corporate Eagles, we wanted to be based in the Football heartland of Perth, Fremantle.

5 thoughts on “Zoltan Kovaks has written the biggest load of crap ever”

  1. Hey Mark, who did you support before Freo? Did you stick with a vic club instead of the Eagles or did you not really follow footy then?

  2. I followed South Fremantle…and Perth (sort of) as my dad supported the demons….
    I did not really support the weeges….maybe because I was in South Australia at the time they came in….maybe because I thought they were a bunch of …..

  3. Will people PLEASE stop using latte drinking as an insult.

    It’s coffee – with milk in.

    Now frigging tea drinkers on the other hand. . .

  4. From a latte lover….I accept that.

    and you only have to read my side bar to know what I think of Green tea drinkers!!

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