Surfing a wave

It is great when the Holy Spirit brings a service together.
This morning another packed house (4th week in a row) enjoyed together a time of reflecting on marriage. We broke mid stream for coffee….

We heard some stories, watched a clip from “Everyone loves Raymond” and reflected as Eliot gave one of his best messages. He spoke on ‘freshness’ in marriage. He used the verse from Ecclesiastes 4 (a three cord is not easily broken) and shared some humorous and interesting stories and illustrations. It was a challenging talk. One thing which struck me was his point on never putting your wife down in front of others. That should be a ‘no brainer’ and especially with the attack Christian marriages undergo. In Australian culture it is all too easy to fall for going too far with teasing your wife in front of others. There should be no doubt in anyones mind of your love and even adoration of her. That is not always easy!! And takes passion….

All the married men also had their wives dig into their ribs when a guest musician shared his story of how he proposed to his fiance. He is 48 and they are both widows. He also sung a story about second chances…..wonderful. The story he told of the prophetic vision God gave him blew me away.

You will be able to listen to this message and the testimony in a day or two on our Bedford Baptist web site.

God is good and I feel like I am riding a wave of growth at the moment…and I don’t want to do anything to stuff it up!!!

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