There is so much swirling around in my head at the moment…I can’t stop.

Finding it difficult to sleep at the moment, or switch off from the things going on at church and our mission to the greater area of Inglewood.
This week we have kicked off Kids Jam…Quentin leading and starting this program on Tuesdays aimed at 4 years olds.

But that is only part of it.
I have some HUGE HUGE news to announce to the church on Sunday…God willing.
Can’t wait…but there is an awful amount of work, of every single type, to get done in the next few weeks. When God moves…sometimes you just have to go along with the ride and realise, you are not in control, yet, you need to be wise and discerning, sensitive, strong, focused but spontaeous…all at once.
It is only 8.30am, and despite having had my first coffee….I am tired already just thinking about it all….but also energised….if that makes sense.

If you are part of the Bedford Baptist Church community…do not miss Sunday….HUGE NEWS I tell you HUGE!!

8 thoughts on “HUGE NEWS”

  1. mmmmm. a hint…..
    if you were in the church 2 years ago, we discussed and agreed on something…something big…which never quite took off…now, due to some circumstances, brought about through God… is going to happen.

  2. “I would rather die.”

    That’s hardly a fair refusal, you die and go to heaven. Whilst I admit supporting the eagles is ‘close’ to being in heaven (although maybe not at the moment) it doesn’t compare in the end.

    Maybe you mean you’d rather stick a needle in your eye?…but then doesn’t Freo do that to you on a regular basis anyway?

    I dunno, I think it may well be your switching footy teams!


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