Coffee Crawl Beaufort St Perth

What happens when you go on a coffee crawl, sampling three different coffees at different places? You get wired…buzzy and a little frantic, especially if you have not eaten much that day.

You also find the best coffee in suprising places.
Jesper, a new friend and fellow coffee nut set out this afternoon to discuss philosophy, Swedish heavy Rock music, performing arts, the book of Habbukuk and of course to determine where to buy a decent coffee from, close to home.

I visit here regularly, its local, has free wireless interent, and serves decent coffee, with beautiful latte art.
I ordered a latte and Jasper a cappucino (no sprinkles or chocolate for goodness sake). Jesper specifically said, not too hot thanks.
Both the latte and cappucino were beautifully presented, with art on top. Real care taken, nice aroma…but suprisingly a few degrees too hot. Both of us agreed on that. Both were also just a little weak. Normally better, but still worth a 6.5 out of 10.

What to make of Soto’s? 2 years ago it was the place to be, but about 7 or 8 months ago I wrote it off after two hot and bitter lattes in a row, and house music way too loud. (I know I am getting old).
Today I ordered a Ristretto and Jesper ordered a classic Macchiato.
The Ristretto was good…smooth and strong…I would have preferred a little bit more crema. A good ristretto (in my view) should have a 1/3rd crema. But I am no expert. It was not too hot and I enjoyed it.
Jesper’s macciato was great. Nice full robust flavour. Good temperature. It lost marks for the dubious look of the milk dob on top. 6.5 out of 10

Beaufort St Merchants
The suprising pick of the bunch. I ordered a flat white, and Jesper asked for a ‘traditional’ Cappuccino…and the guy knew what he meant.
Perfect temperature. Lovely texture…on both. Lovely aroma. You with think after two coffees we might be coffeed out, but this was just great. We also sampled some of their dark cocoa chocolates. The young barrista knew his stuff and was taking pride in his work. They sell both Fiori and 5 Senses coffee, so you know its fresh, and they rotate what they use. 8.5 out of 10

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  1. hi There i would have to say the best coffee in mt Lawley is in my opinion and many of my coffee crazy friends would be Exomod coffee, 615 beaufort st and the best part is that they are open 24 hrs on friday and saturday

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