The Spirit coming in Power

From this weeks message on “Fresh – Spirit”

There are people who know everything there is to know about music, the technical terms…pitch, notes, modes, instruments…so these people can hear nuances, and technical aspects of music that the rest of us might miss…but it also possible to know every aspect of musical production…yet miss out on the pure joy that a four year old has in dancing to the song….

Some Christians know all there is to know about God, His attributes, His theology…yet have missed or forgotten what it means to be refreshed by the music…by the Spirit moving and enthralling us with His power.

Other Christians struggle with God, and with why He does things the way He does…and don’t understand theology or history…yet their lives are lived in love…and with the anointing of the Spirit. Sometimes we wonder how such an infinite God could possibly have anything to say or do with our lives…..yet in the reaching out to a neighbour….in the sharing of a coffee, or the opening of a door…in a simple act of kindness or generosity…we can experience the power of the Spirit working through us.

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