How many ways can I be dissapointed with the Dockers?

Well at least I am not getting my hopes up at three quarter time anymore, despite having a healthy lead.

No excuses…but the umpiring in the last 10 minutes was the most one sided and pathetic I have seen it. One decision in particular when Mc Pharlin got pinged for holding the ball. He was right in front of me and definetely handballed it. Also…his back was to the umpire, who was at least 15 metres away. The umpire assumed something.

And how Sandilands did not get paid a mark after holding onto it for an eternity, until having it swotted away is beyond me.

But….we lost. Our season is gonski.

Bradley played well, Tarrant played his best game for us and worked his but off. Peake is back and kicking goals……The immediate season does not look good…but if we had kicked a total of 12 points more in 3 of our games…we would be 4 and 4.

3 thoughts on “How many ways can I be dissapointed with the Dockers?”

  1. Not this year….but his time will come, it was so encouraging to see him back out there…and he kicked one on the run from 50 metres out….longest goal I have ever seen him kick.

  2. i agree.. very disappointing but let’s not forget we were playing a team that’s still unbeaten. bradley was phenomenal and i can’t believe he hasn’t been played until round 8. also taz and ibbotson were fantastic. i’m still not sold on peake but i missed his good footy whilst i was living overseas. next week is a tough one but hopefully we can do it.

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