Critical mass

There is something exciting when critical mass is achieved.
This morning as we launched Kids Jam…a spin off from Toddler Jam, it was very gratifying to see about 20 kids turn up for our launch, at least half from our wider community.

20 kids is critical mass for a program such as this. It makes the place feel vibrant and welcoming, and that something good is happening. Obviously our Childrens Worker did an excellent job, as did the team. But what I wonder if many leaders understand…it does not matter how good your program is, your worship, your preaching…if you do not have criticical mass. Our team does….and we have been amazed to see what God has done to kick this program off, and we dont take it for granted.

People are the most important aspect of any program. If a program is floundering…pouring resources into making the program better might help in the long run….but there may not be a long run. What is infinitley more critical is pouring resources…be that prayer, finance, marketing, relationship networking…into getting people there. That creates critical mass…that gets things happening.

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