Peer Group necessary for survival

How many pastors have I seen come and go? Personal friends need two hands to count them……People I know of…in Baptist circles….in the dozens.

People in churches do not realise the pressure on pastors….and sometimes they dont care.
Just yesterday I heard of a church sacking a young guy…sure he is young, no doubt he in imperfect…but he was giving it a go…and a good go….Part of me hopes that somehow they learn their lesson….but I wonder if this side of heaven they will realise the significance of decisions made…things could be so different.

Without my peer group of mates…who tell me the truth…and care for me…and we pray together…such strength in prayer with real blokes.

There is no need for pleasantries….we get stuck straight into it…What a blessing.

2 thoughts on “Peer Group necessary for survival”

  1. How can someone sack one – who has hopefully been called by God?

    Or maybe it was the Church’s fault for calling him in the first place to a role God had not ordained? Perhaps then the church should be sacked for not discovering and seeking the mind of God.

  2. Yes…..when you need 75% of the vote…and there are some who quite frankly dont seek the mind of God…but rather seek to be visited and patted on the head every fortnight…..well then we have an issue….

    I dont reckon Paul (yes ‘the Paul’) would have been voted back in by the Corinthians…I reckon he might have been given the ‘lemon and sarse’

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