Fremantle’s 300th game

This weeks game against Port Adelaide is the Dockers 300th since entering the competition back in 1995.

There have been some magnificent moments. In the midst of this season, its nice to reflect on some of the good times.
My top six.

Parker v Fevola
It was Parks…the backman of integrity…200th game. It a magnificent run from the backline, Parker kicked one of only a handful of goals for his career. In doing so he outscored Carlton’s full forward.

Longmuir V St Kilda
Longmuir goals after the siren in a thriller. What may escape history’s glare is McPharlins beautiful rundown on Goddard resulting in a free with 30secs or so to go. I was about 1.5 metres from Longmuir when he jumped into the crowd, and you can see me jumping up and down like a Massi warrior in the background. About the only time I have seen Tom, the dour plumber who sits next to me, cry.

Medhurst V 4 Collingwood Backman
I am an unabashed fan. He was not coached consistently…he might come back. The game was against Collingwood. Paul was in the goal square, and about 1 foot smaller than 4 of Collingwoods finest, including Clement. He calmly marked the ball they all should have spoiled.

Leigh Brown
My favourite all time Freo player…who now plays for North. I remember the spray he gave to the great James Hird against Essendon in a home game we won.
I remember the bullocking work he did around the stoppages. He may be a lump, but he gave hope to all stocky blokes.

Clive V Slappovich
The best derby ever. I was so distressed at half time with the Weegirls leading by a considerable margin I felt like going home. Glad I didn’t. Of course the fireworks that erupted during that game were worth the admission price alone, and how Reid did not cop as many weeks as Kickett is another example of the inequity Freo have consistently suffered from. As Bruce McAverny stated, ” all a player has to do is put on a Freo jumper when they front the tribunal and they are guaranteed a guilty verdict”. But that is beside the point. Seeing Clive run towards the goals and kick seven against a hapless Slappy is an enduring memory.

Modra v McIntosh
Ashley Mc Intosh made a career, along with Silvangi, of getting away with scragging, niggling and generally operating outside the rules and spirit of the game. The game was in the 10th derby, and one Freo made sure of. Modra picks up the ball, sprints away from Ashley..and kicks an impossible goal. The glee of him and 30, 000 odd Freo fans is palpable as he strikes the ground.

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