West Coast hacks

News flash….Freo is having a crap season.
Second News flash….So is West Coast.

Today on 6pr….Simon Beaumont states something which really put it all into perspective for me.

He said….West Coasts 100 point thumping at the hands of Collingwood was not as bad as Freo’s loss to Port…..mmmmmm……

and people wonder why I am well balanced…with a chip on both shoulders!!!

6 thoughts on “West Coast hacks”

  1. Ummm, that would be the Freo Jokers record breaking, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, lead at 3/4 time and choke loss?

    Eagles are in trouble, but they’re not calling in the shrinks yet.

  2. as opposed to the eagles who had lost by half time, but decided to make it a certainty by basically giving up in the 3rd and 4th

  3. The question is: what did the two teams learn from their results. West Coast would come away from their game thinking: our skills and endeavour isn’t in the same league as Collingwoods. There’s something you can do about that. Freo will have come out of there game believing that they just can’t win, no matter what. That’s a lot harder to do anything with.

    I don’t think it’s a biased comment, just one that’s guaranteed to get a reaction from one-eyed Mark

  4. I am one eyed…and biased.
    But…the whole learning things was not what Simon was banging on about.He was talking about the performance.

    Its about attitude. WC attitude sucked. At least Freo tried.

    You dont live here in Perth, you dont know what its like.

  5. “You dont live here in Perth, you dont know what its like.”

    That just cracks me up. I can see Mark slumping over his latte desperately pouring his heart out to some guy from the East.

    Sorry mate, just the mental picture made me laugh.

    For all I know you may be right, but what do I care? I go for the Eagles (who are still above you on the ladder).

  6. I dont drink lattes anymore…flat whites……or cappuccinos with no sprinkles….

    glad I am a source of amusement for you… 🙂

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