We had a win!!

I play in a social indoor beach volleyball team. We have not won a game this season….until last night.
My teamates reckon I played out of my skin because my wife and son came to watch. They might be right! Playing well so my son is proud of me….whats so wrong with that?
Every week he asked me how I went…each week it has been, “well son I had a great time…but we lost again”.

Last night he got to see our first victory….woo hoo!! Cant see us getting off the bottom of the ladder….but its all good.

5 thoughts on “We had a win!!”

  1. well done! Sounds like me at the moment. Our footy team is without a win, but when my wife comes I think I play a little better than otherwise. Enjoying my time in the forward line though, there is something satisfying about kicking goals, even when the team is losing you still feel as though you are doing your bit for the team…

  2. I have given off almost as many as I have kicked thank you 🙂 Like sunday someone had a shot on goal and it fell short….onto my chest in a big pack…so I unselfishly spilt the mark into the arms of my team mate who kicked a goal :-p

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