Just let us know

So much is done, and stopped…without good communication.

Unimportant example
My email is not working at the moment. Our church has an account through Brinkster (cheap and good usually). For whatever reason I cant receive it at the moment. So I go to their home page…nothing. So I log onto live help, and get live help quickly (which is great). The person lets me know there is a problem, they are working on it.

Now if they had just posted that on their front page, with an approximate fix time, they would save so much hassle…for everyone. People understand that things dont always work as they should. But if you let me know that they know there is a problem…far less agro.

Important example
When trying to share a vision, be prepared to listen a lot, even if people disagree, and bring up reasons why not to do it…often in just sharing it, they can let their objections go.

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