Life is good

In the midst of all the stress of merging, documents to produce, people to meet, organisation to organise….its great to stop and reflect for a moment. Life is good. My family is great….Tonight I made dinner. It was a meal I really don’t like at all, but my family loves. Silverside with white cheesy sauce, creamy cheese mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables. There is not much that the kids and my wife eat more quickly.

I just can’t get into silverside. I slow cooked it in malt vinegar, (8 hours) bay leaves and a few other things and it came out perfectly pink, moist and lovely. It dissapeared rather quickly!

My wife said I should have cooked myself a seperate piece of steak…but how can I do that when I encourage my kids to eat whatever the rest of the family is eating?

So we sat down together, as we often do, and ate together. There is not much better things to do with my time.

3 thoughts on “Life is good”

  1. i physically feel ill if i smell sliverside cooking! I’m the only one in my family who doesn’t like it, so usually when someone cooks it I spend the evening somewhere else – or just lock myself in my room until it’s cooked, and then i do get myself a piece of steak or something instead.

    so mate, i understand what you went through and respect the sacrafice you must have made not only to eat it, but cook it as well!

    (even that photo on this post makes me feel slightly queezy!)

  2. ooooooooo I absolutely ADORE silverside….I think I’ll have to go make some now that I’ve read about it!!

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