Hillsong Conference 2008

This is the first Hillsong Conference I have come to on my own…and it has some advantages. I miss travelling with my friends, particularly one of my best mates who normally comes with me…but it has given me space to pray and process what I am hearing.

This morning Brian Houston gave a message just for Pastors in the third session. Often when I hear speakers at this conference I am working out how I can utilise some of their teaching in my own…this session was personally challenging for me.

He spoke about how as leaders we need to be bearers of good news. So often the first one to ‘share’ bad news with him is other leaders! He does not want to be the one you hear bad news from first. Of course…bad news needs to be dealt with and confronted. But so often we focus on the negative aspects of a person or their ministry, and are so slow to encourage and bless them, and be positive and joyful about the things God is doing.

This hit me like a rock….I dont want to be a leader who is talking about others….I want to be known as someone who is constantly sharing good news…..

I will post about some of the other things going on as I can…..

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