Hillsong Conference 2008…over

This conference seemed to go for longer than usual…not because anything was boring or irrelevant..or too long. It was just I missed my family. Perhaps not travelling with someone compounded that. Anyway, as I sit here in KFC Geelong, awaiting my bus, I have a little time to reflect.

This was a personally challenging and refreshing conference for me. I needed the space, the margin, to think, pray and be spiritually impacted. With so much output, we all need input.

The overall thrust of this conference was Justice. Hillsong have really taken a focus on issues such as poverty and need in the wider world. They have refocused themself and are challenging other churches to do the same.

They use some impacting elements such as drama, spoken word, music and visuals to tell many stories over the past week. I have been quite emotional a number of times as God has spoken to me and challenged me. What an awesome time. I am so thankful to be given the opportunity.

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