Hillsong IHeart Revolution

Hillsong Church is doing something about the worlds poor.
The amount of resources, people and prayer they are putting into poverty is incredible. They are uniquely positioned to do something significant about those who Jesus loves just as much, if not more than, white middle class Christians. One of the major themese of the 2008 conference was justice, and Tim Costello kicked off the conference with an excellent message about extending the Kingdom of God to include those who go without the basics.

The Iheart revolution is something which has been birthed in the youth of the church, and resourced by the whole church. The trailer had me in tears and determined to do what I can to play my part. I cant do it all, I cant even do much, but I can do what I can do. My family supports a Compassion child, and I am determined to mobilise our church even more into this area as we continue to grow and reach out to those not only in need of Christ, but also in need of the basics.

I encourage you to check out the IHeart revolution website.


5 thoughts on “Hillsong IHeart Revolution”

  1. They are selling some products, but the main thrust is what they are doing…I would encourage you to go explore….

  2. Okay, I’ve watched the trailer and looked at the website.
    What do they do?
    It seems it’s just about buying a CD and watching a DVD and getting me hyped about saving the poor.
    I don’t get it. There must be something else I’m missing?

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