Pastor disguises himself

From the Uk comes this pretty radical teaching/exhorting method.

This guy reminds me of one of the prophets of the OT…he dressed up and stunk up as a street person and entered his parish at their Sunday Service to see what the reaction was….it sounds like it was not too good.

When Reverend Rigby wanted to teach his congregation a lesson about being kind to others he came up with a rather colourful way of demonstrating his point.
As the 70 churchgoers turned up for their regular Sunday morning service at the Methodist church in Prestatyn, north Wales they found a scruffy tramp sitting in the church porch.
Stinking of beer and dressed in filthy clothes, the disgusted churchgoers did their best to ignore him as they filed past.
This task was made even harder when the unwanted guest joined them on the pews, surrounded with syringes and drinking from a can of lager.”


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