Someone should blow computers up

After working for about three hours yesterday afternoon on my presentation for this Sunday mornings service, the brand new computer at church decided that it did not want to work properly.

We got through the service, but I could not show the video for the message, nor the slides for “It’s a beautiful day” and even the songs during the worship time got messed up.

Somehow I know God spoke, and it is a good reminder that He is not dependent on slickness or well presented and interesting images.

But it sure is frustrating.

The up down keys were both making the slides advance, mmmm, lovely. And powerpoint kept freezing up.
Funny, it worked perfectly before church.
For those who were there and would have liked to have seen some of the images accompanying the service, sorry, they are on my thumb drive.
But here is the opening slide from our men’s service that we will be doing in a few months. Just for anyone who barracks for St Kilda.

3 thoughts on “Someone should blow computers up”

  1. And you wonder why your computer crashed when you abuse the Lord’s team like that?
    “To he saints in all the land, they are the glorious ones in whom I delight.” psalm 16:3

    “Oh, father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    But anyway, you didn’t need the video. God spoke to me yesterday so you did good.

  2. The Lord wasn’t looking after Hammil yesterday, sad news, I like Hammil, good honest player.

    Did you know that John Wilmot is a huge saints fan?

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