Bono on 60 Minutes

My beautiful wife taped me the interview with the bespectled one and I have just watched it.
As with many American interviews, it was a bit of a fluff piece, no real indepth stuff.

Would be fantastic if Denton could get him on.

Would love to have some indepth questions about his faith asked.

None the less, I enjoyed it.

Love their music. Funny, I never used to. But researching the spiritual angle has really changed my perception of it. Its great rock and roll too. If ever they come to Perth, I’m there.

3 thoughts on “Bono on 60 Minutes”

  1. its quite funny insigh, bono the man who wants to make world poverty history… wearing $3k leather pants

    ironic tho…

    great reading your blogger… am off to get a pizza and watch the nab cup.

  2. and lives in a villa in France…

    However in the end I think about my comfortable life, and the fact that although no one would call me wealthy, compared to 2/3rds of the people in the world I am rich!
    Its all comparative isn’t it.
    I think God wants us to enjoy the good things in life, but He also wants us to be generous.

  3. yes good point there markus….

    i don’t wanna even talk about the dockers fadeout in the last 1/4 last saturday. its a scratch match game anyway :^)

    bring on the real afl season with less real tears this season :^)

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