The Beach House

Took my kids off to The Beach House this morning before coming into the office. The centre is owned by a CCC Church. They do a great job of having a visible presence into the community. They provide an excellent service for parents and kids…the place was absolutely packed today. Also they use subtle marketing for their kids church, and family oriented programs. A great example of how to use what God has given us…..
Good coffee served at the cafe too, friendly staff and a safe fun environment for families. You know…something like this is unusual for kids…and of Christian value just in itself. What I mean is that often when you take your kids somewhere…you just know they are trying to rip you off and offer as little as they can. This place just feels good.

One thought on “The Beach House”

  1. Mark

    Beach House is run by a great pastor mate of mine Rob Mason – have sent a link of your blog to him – he will be thrilled with your positive feedback … it is a top ministry to the community


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