Zechariah 4

For the month of August our church is going to be looking at the 4th chapter of Zechariah….
should be fun!

Here is one of the paragraphs from this weeks message….

For the next month we as a church are going to look at this chapter of scripture. Zechariah 4. I once heard the story of a pastor who preached a great message, the people were touched and came back expecting more of the same. Well they got more of the same because he preached exactly the same message the next week. There were a few people who had not heard it the first time, and they thought it was great. Even those who had heard it the first time thought…yes this is good….The third week everyone rocked up and lo and behold…the pastor preached the same message. A delegation of deacons got together and summed up the courage to approach the rather fiery young man to ask him to explain his actions….
They approached him and said…look the message was great the first week, interesting the next….but now…why three times?
The pastor turned to them with passion and fire in his eyes and said…well you did not do what I said the first week, so I am going to keep giving the same message until you do!!!!

Having a keen vision of what God wants for your life is very important

Now in the month of September at the last Sunday in September we are going to have vision Sunday where we explore what the vision of our particular church is.

But this morning I want to speak about what your vision for your life is.
You see Gods vision for your life is that you would have a good life…a life that is full of promise and blessing. This does not mean you will be rich or materially well off, plenty of Christians are not…and I don’t read about Jesus cruising around the dead sea in his powerboat…
(see you at church for the rest!)

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