Angus Buchan is coming…..

I am helping to get the word out about the upcoming Angus Buchan Crusade. Eliot is doing the worship, and Q is doing the web presence. It is going to be awesome. Angus is a powerful and confronting speaker, specifically for men. If you want to have a look at Q’s excellent work, use th link below. It is just a ‘splash page’ at this stage, but shortly you will be able to register and check out the info for the Western Australian conference.

One thought on “Angus Buchan is coming…..”

  1. I saw some of the DVDs from the Mighty Men’s Conference in Perth. They were really good. Some of the guys from up here (Merredin) went down for it and were really encouraged and challenged. Angus is very full on for Jesus.

    If you haven’t read “Fatih like potatoes” it is well worth a read too. Some of the stuff they are doing worldwide is great.

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