What a great weekend

Burma Appeal

We raised over $2500 which will help 20 families survive for 3 months. Pretty good for one Saturday Night activity. We had a lot of fun, auctions, raffles, Burmese food (YUM!!), bouncy castle, great music from Soul Jam and the Myanmar young peoples choir.

It wont save the world, but it will help. The money is distributed through the Baptist Union, through Churches which gets help to the people on the ground…..

Sunday Church

Another great day…some visitors again…..I am so joyful with what is happening at church. There are some difficulties…and tensions…..but even this is evidence to me of real growing pains, which are the best type of pains to have! We moved the stage back even further today, and finally seemed to have enough room for the chairs. But I dont think this will last long.

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