Derby…..McManus wins

It was a great day yesterday.
Fremantle did the right think by our favourite son….Shaun McManus.
He has played with courage and heart, and left nothing on the field….
Thank goodness the team managed to smash a rather hapless Eagles side.
Woosha was clearly outcoached, with some puzzling matchups…the young player on Mc Pharlin no match for him.

Pavlich seemed to slot back into the side with very few problems (!)

Palmer, Mayne, Ibbotson, Schammer, Crowley, Peake….proved again we have a good basis for moving forward.

If you are on Facebook, please look me up and join my “West Coast for Wooden Spooners”. They are only above Melbourne by the smallest of margins…Go Dees!!!

(Photo courtesy of Dockerland)

3 thoughts on “Derby…..McManus wins”

  1. it was a great win to say goodbye to a great bloke.

    i felt very sorry for beau wilkes (the young guy playing on mcpharlin) as he’s a pretty good player and got towelled up. i’ve seen a bit of him earlier this year playing for claremont so hopefully this was just a blip for him

  2. Was the first time he’s been pantsed…but he was WELL pantsed. I barrick pretty hard for Wilkes as I used to play on him in juniors (and get similarly pantsed by him!)

    Well done Dockers, far superior to my side this year. I think good things are in store for you guys next year.

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