Dockers Dockers Dockers

Well…..Clem and I had a great time after the game kicking the footy around.
We also enjoyed the hot chocolate and screaming at umpire 17…….who obviously decided to pay kicks only when he felt like it…which was not often when it was clearly a blatant free to Freo….

But the Dockers looked flat. Even during the first half, when we were in the game.
The Saints looked like a team desperate to get into the finals.
If Nick could kick straight, to go with his exceptional marks (truly exceptional)…the Saints might do something….

2 thoughts on “Dockers Dockers Dockers”

  1. Interesting that your intitial thoughts on the game are about the post-game activities.
    You didn’t mention how you couldn’t “hear” your phone after the game.

  2. well….that was the only part of the game I enjoyed….and I honestly could not hear the phone…and I did ring you back…and I am sending you the dvd of the game…so there! 🙂

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