Recently I was told a story about a drummer who came to a community event to play drums for the event. He is a brilliant drummer, sensitive to the audience, excellent skills, great guy.

Apparently some of the people singing with the group did not appreciate him very much, daggers for looks, snide comments etc etc….

So for that section he did not play. Funny thing was, they complained he was playing too loud….WHEN HE WAS NOT PLAYING!!!!!

The visual is really important in settings…I am convinced what people determines what they think they are hearing…sounds weird, but I think I am right. Having a big group of musicians might only give you a ‘fuller sound’..if you do the right mix. It does not have to mean that it is louder…but if someone is sensitive, for whatever reason, they might think its louder…sheesh.

Can I encourage any Pastors reading this?

Appreciate your musicians. They are giving of themself, both creatively and time wise. They are great people…generally. Every single one of them at my church are fantastic people.

Protect them. Some people are so ungracious in their giving of feedback, most musicians have very little to do with the ‘sound levels’, yet people take it on themself to tell them off. I try to make it clear that the buck stops with me, if someone does not like something about the sound or music…tell me, not the musician, they are generally just doing what I ask of them.

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