Pastors and multi tasking

6.30am Early morning prayer and share and infor meeting with other pastors

9am Fix coffee machine in time for Kids Jam

9.30am discuss music and items for Sunday service coming up

10am Polish off graphics for church celebration service, mastering photoshop is a steep learning curve, but I need to get it myself, doing half quality jobs is no good, and neither is having to rely on others who are busy….

11am Meeting with key leader in church, discussing and talking through the key values and culture of our church….and what is going on

12 noon to 4pm working through the stage setup for Angus Buchan crusade…working through budget and stage set up for about 1500 blokes…
(grab coffee and burger on way back to office)

4.30pm pre marriage wedding preparation for a couple from church

6pm Take communion to a dear old lady in hospital who may not have much time left….


One thought on “Pastors and multi tasking”

  1. arghh 6.30 prayer meeting!!!! i remember those, every friday, all the youth crew would crawl into the prayer room, wishing they were anywhere but there..

    It might have had something t do with the fact that I knew I would have a 20 hour day ahead of me, never making it back to bed until about 2-3am every Sat morning.

    i never could work out why we had to pray so bloody early when God was awake throughout the whole day!!! 😉

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