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Wayne Carey was a marvelous footballer, he played for the Kangaroos Football Club and was involved in the greatest period of that clubs history when the team won two premierships.
Yet post football it would seem, despite his material success, his life has lurched from one off field drama to another. He was on Andrew Dentons show, enough rope and it was an incredible interview. The title of that show is very apt…enough rope…Andrew Denton gives the people being intereviewed enough rope…enough latitude that their own words, their own testimony if you like, is enough for the audience to decide for themselves what the sum of the persons life is.
Wayne Carey told the story of his father, a typical story for many young Australian males…distant, abusive, violent, interested in alcohol more that anything else.

But something he said really made me sorry for Wayne, it put a human face on what formerly may have just been a cariacature of a man.
He shared with Andrew Denton that his father had never watched him play football.Never. Not growing up through the young ranks, not playing under 18’s, not during his formative years at North Melbourne, and in fact not even at his sons grand final appearances….despite being offered tickets.
How would that make a son feel? A son..and a daughter for that matter, seeks, desires the approval, the recognition from the parent that at least in part is responsible for their being.
Is it a mystery why God calls Himself our Father…or is it obvious. We are made in His image, we are designed to reflect His personality, we are made for His glory. There is something deep within the Christian which desires to have our heavenly fathers approval.

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