Mark Driscoll on obstacles to church growth…

This is an excellent article.


2. Your culture struggles with a lack of entrepreneurialism, due to the influence of Socialism and Great Britain. Socialism brings the concept that everyone must be taken care of, with resources given to the weakest pastors in the weakest churches rather than pruning. This means you are neglecting to send nourishment to new buds and branches in the name of socialistic equality. The British are not an entrepreneurial people – they play by the rules and operate within existing structures. This has caused Aussie culture to not be very entrepreneurial and new things are not highly embraced.

6. You suffer from tall poppy syndrome. Through preaching, people must realise this is a sin. Having a church of 1000 as a high-water mark is unhealthy.

8. Many of you are afraid of the Holy Spirit.

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2 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll on obstacles to church growth…”

  1. i agree with 8, but totally disagree with 2 and 6. haha, but i do think driscoll is a chauvanistic dick, but then is that a tall poppy thing?

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