I’ve got Sunday night on my mind

I posted on my facebook site recently that I love Sunday Nights. I do.

People may not understand that a pastors Sunday night is like other peoples Friday Nights.
No matter how you understand it, for many Pastors, Sunday Morning is a stressful time. For me….it is enjoyable, a highlight, a emotional and invigorating time…yes. But it is also stressful.

Every time I have to get up to speak, despite the fact I have done it for years now, I am still nervous….and hopeful things will go well, but not always entirely sure they will.

So once Sunday morning is over, I pretty much shut down Sunday Afternoon….and then relax Sunday Night.

This Sunday afternoon I did a baby dedication for some good friends. It was relaxed, and enjoyable….but it is ministry. Then we had fathers day family stuff to attend.

So it was not until about 9pm Sunday Night that I got to go…..aaaaaaaah.

2 thoughts on “I’ve got Sunday night on my mind”

  1. Hi Mark, I only wore the Pastor’s hat for about three months last year, but I know what you mean. Sunday arvo and evening is like a normal Friday night for most people. I am glad you posted on this as most people don’t realise that Sunday is a big day for Pastors and there is often a lot of nerves and stress involved. I know I certainly didn’t realise how stressful it could be until I wore the “hat”.

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