Houston responds to Michael Guglielmucci

I really hope and pray Michael Guglielmucci finds forgiveness and healing. I just hope at some point he is able to thank God for his wife and kids, and be at peace with himself.
I also hope that when all of us who are Christians dismay and even disgrace Christ, we can find forgiveness, restoration and grace.
Brian Houston has responded to the Michael Guglielmucci situation.

In my view, Houstons response is an honest and upfront statement, from someone, who like most, if not all, were duped.

“This is easily the biggest and most elaborate hoax I have ever personally witnessed. I still am perplexed by it.I have never felt any reason to question the validity of Michael’s story. I guess you don’t greet such horrific news as cancer with cynicism, and it’s a sad day when we have to do that.I have known Michael’s parents since we were young people ourselves and they are great and genuine people. When Danny called me in 2006 to tell me of his sons illness I felt absolutely lost for words as he sobbed on the telephone. This family did not deserve such utter pain.I just didn’t have any reason to doubt his story. There were one or two things that were hard to work out such as how anyone could function with multiple broken bones (I was in agony with one broken elbow, but I just thought I must have been a wimp.)I saw Michael as an unbelievably gutsy and courageous man who was refusing to just lie down and accept his diagnosis.”

2 thoughts on “Houston responds to Michael Guglielmucci”

  1. No mention at all in his statement of the elephant in the corner with respects to some of the primary issues arising from this:

    Firstly, the cult of celebrity built around worship leaders, fostered by the Hillsong culture. We now have worship music rock stars.

    Secondly, the culture of unaccountability within these circles. Houston writes: “I have never felt any reason to question the validity of Michael’s story.”

    If you’ve been around a while, you get to realise that anything is possible within the church and amongst fellow Christian leaders.
    [A few weeks ago the CCM artist Ray Boltz came out the closet, after divorcing his wife.]

    When things don’t add up, you ask. In a culture of celebrity and unaccountability nobody has the right to ask anybody do they?

    This will happen again, mark my words, as long as key lessons aren’t learned from this debacle.

  2. I personally dont want this debate to occur on my blog….but in deference to the fact I have some relationship with you…I will not delete this comment. But, let me say this….If you want to accuse Houston of being too trusting, that is something I would prefer a leader to be, rather than too critical.
    As to the bolony about christian celebrity…that has happened since Paul and Appolos squared off..and not something I think the leaders themself want or desire, but then I choose to see the best in them, not the worst.

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