Church launch celebration

What a great day. We kicked off with some multi media, then Eliot and the “Soul Jam” choir where fantastic with the ‘redemption melody’.

Then Eliot and the team lead us in worship. What a great team they are, led by, what some guests who came, commented is one of the best worship leaders they have seen.

Gordon Basset from Baldivis Church, the president of the Church of Christ came and led communion.
Mark Wilson, DOM from the Baptist Union prayed for the four pastors, Eliot, Colin, Quentin and myself.
Graham Mabury (6PR and Mnt Pleasant) brought an excellent and inspiring message on unity, new and old wine skins, and doing new things!!! It was incredible. Shortly you will be able to download it from this and our church site.
The place was absolutely packed full. Over 140 adults, plus about 60 or 70 kids.
It was a great celebration day of something God is doing in our midst.

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