Video Rendering

A while back I started using Photoshop….now that I have mastered the basics…its a great program and allows you to produce high quality stuff.

Now….another steep learning curve which is proving rewarding. I am starting to use Sony Vegas for my video rendering. We are doing a inhouse dvd series based around the idea of the Kingdom, and living the good life. Colin has put together the material which we will focus on, on Sundays and during our mid week small groups. Should be great.

Sony Vegas is a high end product, and the quality of rendering is excellent. But as with photoshop…it is a steep learning curve. But I am getting there….and the quality of the end product will be better.

The feature which I like most of all, and which Ulead does not do….is that Vegas allows multiple video and audio tracks….so nice for effects and smooth transitions.

3 thoughts on “Video Rendering”

  1. Hi Mark

    Did you teach yourself on photoshop (is there a tutorial option) or get some outside help?
    I’m just interested as I’d like to start using it too.



  2. I taught myself a lot….had a lot of help from my childrens worker…but there are heaps of free tutorials on the web….have you ever used GIMP? its similar….once you have the basics…it is a great program….people go to university to learn it…. 🙂

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