Adam Cooney…24 votes.

Deserved winner.

You can take the boy out of the country….but you cant take the country out of Cooney! Seems like a decent bloke.

Shame Richardson did not get up, would have been the sentimental favourite. Well done to a much maligned player.

Pavlich did really well, and if he had played in that last couple of games it might have got interesting.

Sandi polled 10 votes in 6 games. Cox polled 3 votes in 2 games.The AA selectors knew what they were doing. Didn’t they? Ummmmmm nooooooooo.

2 thoughts on “Brownlow”

  1. i was surprised ablett and richo didn’t poll in round 22, i thought they both had good games that week. Still, cooney was a stand out in one of the best teams of the year.

    Goodes continues to get unwarranted votes though. Round 5 v. cats, swans lost by 40+, goodes had 14 touches and 0 goals, got the 2 votes….very odd.

    Good to see Palmer get a few votes too, deserved.

  2. I agree Roo – Richo was unlucky not to poll in the Dees game, but to be honest was pretty lucky to pull 3 votes in some games earlier. But it would have been so nice!

    Btw Mark – I’ll take All Australian selectors over the umpires any day – and Dean Cox over Sandilands every time.

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