Vale Brian Brand

Brian Brand was a strong Christian man, married to Jennie Bickmore Brand.
I do not know much of his history, but I knew from meeting with him often, that he was a great and strong leader, quick with a joke and a smile, but intense and purposeful as well.

He lived life to the full. There was nothing he was afraid of. He was incredibly relational.

So very sad to hear of his shock passing.

I know he is now with Jesus, but he leaves behind a beautiful wife and strong leader in Jennie.

2 thoughts on “Vale Brian Brand”

  1. brian was an amazing man
    he was so generous and asked nothing in return
    he payed for all of my schooling and helped my parents and never asked for anything from us and just loved to see that i was succeeding
    it is so sad that such an amazing man died so suddenly
    but he will live on with us forever and we will always remember him for the kind, caring man he was.

    rest in paradise brian xx

  2. Brian was an exceptional man. He is the best man I have ever met and likely to meet for that matter. He helped me so much and helped me also to reside in Australia, for which I would never in a million years be able to repay. I do thank him eternally for the help and advice he gave me. The amazing man that he was will be so sadly missed for his quick witted humour, his caring nature, his kind and affectionate way and for just being the way he was. I will always have nothing but respect, love and admiration for the man. If only I was half the man he was.

    Rest in peace Brian.

    Eternal peace and happiness.

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