Mark Sayers on communication

This is one of the best and concise encouragements to contemporary preaching I have read for a while.

To all you preachers out there, please read this.
It will either confirm you are on the right track, encourage you to do better…or annoy the heck out of you. If it annoys you, good…you need to change! 🙂

Here is the first and best point for all you slack bums.

If your message is infectious, you won‟t be just talking to the people sitting in front of you, you will be talking to their friends, family and contacts. Think beyond the room. How can you communicate your message in a way that will „live on‟ beyond that moment? Shape your message so that they will tell their friends, who will tell their friends, who will tell their friends etc. Are you preparing this weeks sermon, or are you crafting a message that has potential for exponential growth?

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