Spring in the Valley…or Mark is getting old…

Headed out to the Swan Valley for ‘spring in the valley’ today.
In years gone by we have sampled some good wine, cheese and meats…enjoyed the time touring a beautiful part of our city.

no more…..Spring in the Valley has been transformed into a massive attempt to get as many 20 year old lads and laddetts plastered as quickly as possible, with a wide varieties of wine and beer…….

Various bus companies are cashing in on the phenomenon transporting thousands of barely dressed young people to the mulitude of accepting places. I dont know if your daughter was one of the girls there….but I hope not!

Dont get me wrong, I am no wowser….but it really is not great if your looking for a nice day out with your family.

None the less, we had a great day, and sharing it with some new friends from another country made it even better. The Margaret River Chocolate Factory was great, we had a nice picnic near the river, and Edgecombe Brothers was a good change from the overflowing lines of people and crowded wineries. .
We actually had a great day, and ended up finishing up at the Rose and Crown for a bite and a drink. Suprisingly the R & C was not letting bus loads of yobs in, so we got a good table in the beautiful weather.

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