Church on Sunday

Tired……looking forward to Eliot and Colin being back!

Great great day today. Great crowd of people in, and in Colin Battersby’s word, “a great spirit in this place”

I agree. There is something special about being together and worshipping together. Colin does a great ministry, sensitive, passionate and humble. He lifts the people around him, and works great with anyone.

We continued our series and I spoke on the beattitudes. A number of people commented on how passionate I was this morning…thats true. I finished the sermon with the thought, “who is the light of the world?”

I read the appropriate verse from Matthew five, and even then people gave the wrong answer!
Which hopefully made my point.

We are the light of the world, the Church is salt and light….we reflect His glory and his values and attributes through becoming a truly “blessed’ people…a people who are poor in spirit etc etc.

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