boring to the other side of the globe

My son often asks me if we can go to China….goodness knows why, it may have something to do with the fact all his DS games come from there. I said to him once, start digging, thats about the only way we are going to get there. Seems I have to rethink that. If I start digging, we are going to get wet, thats all.

To see what I mean, go to the map tunnelling tool. It shows you were you would end up if you could dig yourself to the other side of the globe.

4 thoughts on “boring to the other side of the globe”

  1. Must admit – I saw the post title and thought you’d linked to your sermon downloads…. I kid.

    I reckon the key might be to take a flight over to New Zealand, and then you can dig through to Spain, should be nice this time of year. 🙂

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