Two funerals and a wedding

The pastors life….
Kicked off the week with a wedding. A lovely couple, the wife comes to our church and is involved.
A small and quiet simple ceremony, with just immediate family in attendance, and Eliot singing a John Lennon wedding song….

Then two funerals yesterday. One for a ladies husband who I have only known recently…amazing what sort of things come out at a funeral. He was an Irish larrikan, a likeable sort of fellow who worked as a nurse at RPH for 30+ years. Quite interesting to think of a male nurse starting up in that profession that long ago….aparrently a jokestar….always up for a laugh…

Then the funeral of Brian Brand. He was an amazing guy, and it showed with who was there for the funeral…..many members of WA politics, and social standing. Brian was devoted to helping others, quick with a joke, the sort of guy who was incredibly personable and warm and generous….

Draining! Even though I did not perform either funeral, in some ways it was a draining day. Emotional, seeing people go through all that stuff….

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