Addisons report on the future of Baptists

Steve Addison has nailed it on the future of Baptists.
He points to some very serious questions we need to be asking of ourselves.

“Baptist membership has been falling since 1992.
The gap between membership and population growth has been widening since 1911.
Church attendance has been growing since 2003 but the numbers may not be accurate.
The number of churches is increasing.
The gap between number of churches and population growth has been widening since 1911.
Mainline Protestant churches are in serious decline which outweighs the growth in evangelical churches.
The Australian population is growing at unexpectedly high levels and will continue to do so.”

But we probably all know this….what is important is solutions….
This in particular caught my attention….

5. Build a church planting movement
There is no secret regarding what a denomination must do to multiply
churches in a healthy sustainable way. This is what is required:
a. Clarify the vision and ownership for multiplication.
b. Recruit and select the right candidates to lead church planting
c. Equip and coach leaders in the field.
d. Partner with healthy existing churches to plant churches that
e. Intentionally grow the leaders who will plant churches in 3-5
years time
f. Ensure funding strategies are sustainable and will not inhibit the
growth of a church planting movement.
We know what to do. The question is are we willing to commit ourselves
to relentless implementation?

Full report

ps…..we do need a new logo as well Steve!!!

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