Pray for Obama

The world changes………

Truth is, if you has asked someone 15…or even 10 years ago, if someone called Barrack Hussein Obama could be elected the US President, they would have been reaching for the white coats….

I am glad about the decision the USA has made today. It may not prove to ultimately be the right choice, but I can find many reasons why it is a good decision.

He is black…….I am old enough to remember racism…..and still see it today. Barracks election has shattered a lot of preconceptions. We are all equal before God. The colour of the pigment of our skin is totally irrelevant.
I have seen the videos of how coloured people were treated in the US. This is just the truth, an ugly part of their history, as ugly as Australia’s. Enough people in the US have seen past the colour of his skin, and their own predjuices…and voted for him, wonderful.

He is relatively young. He seems vibrant, he seems to challenge. After what I saw of him in a SBS documentary, he seems to have integrity. One person they interviewed said that when he was elected the president of the Harvard Law Students Society, many thought he would divide the group, and promote people on the basis of colour. He did not. He dissapointed many initially, but then….they discovered he was fair, and concillitory. This is what the US needs.

I don’t think Mc Cain would have been a bad choice either. He appears to be honest, good humoured and reasonable.

But what is good, is that it appears the election of Barrack has occured without riots, violence or other such things which unfortunately characterise other elections around the world.

If I was a US citizen I have no idea who I would have voted for, honestly.
But as a citizen of the world, and a Christian, I will pray for Obama….God bless him.

5 thoughts on “Pray for Obama”

  1. I wish it wasn’t about race, but it was – solidarity on the part of people of African descent, and a need to expunge the guilt many whites have felt.

    Couple that with the economy and fatigue over fighting two wars and it was pretty much a sure thing.

    We’ll soldier on, but I doubt as well as before.

  2. if what the US was doing before was “soldiering on well”, I’d hate to see what it means for them to be having a ‘bad day’.

    Things can only get better for the US and the the rest of the world, with a change in leadership towards peace and reconciliation and away from the red-kneck, “i’ll save the world even if it means blowing it up” mentality of bush and his cronies.

    it’s a new day


  3. It’s a new day everyday, and we wind up paying the price for it far more often than most of the countries in this world. The peace and reconciliation everyone wants takes other parties who want it too. Sharia brings peace, but at the price of freedom. Not happening on our watch – and it is our watch.

    I didn’t say we were soldiering along well, I said we would. And we will. It’s what we do. Course correction, sure. But we’ll stay ahead.

  4. “We’ll soldier on, but I doubt as well as before”…

    thought that meant you were implying the US had been soldiering on well before. I must’ve misunderstood you – sorry.

    Some would say, and with good reason, that under the Bush regime, freedom has never been more restricted, not just on home soil, but internationally too. Obama’s win is a win for new hope and new possibilities, and God knows we all need some hope.

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