How Jesus dissapointed people

Do you think a Pastor should follow the example of Jesus? Be careful how you answer!!!

I reckon there is a great book to be written entitled, “How Jesus dissapointed people”.

I might right a sermon on that.

Jesus often withdrew to pray.
He often abandoned the crowds clamouring for healing
He very often did the exact opposite of what the religious leaders of his day expected of Him….

He upset a lot of people.

As a pastor, I reckon we often dissapoint people, upset them, and withdraw from them. Maybe, when we are at our best, we are just following the example of Jesus.

2 thoughts on “How Jesus dissapointed people”

  1. Great point. Probably the most complex thing I am dealing with within me. I don’t like disappointing people but I know that I inevitably must.
    Develop this further, I need help!

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