Anticipation and I love Sunday afternoons in Inglewood…

There is a lot of great things about being a pastor and involved in a church.
One of them is Sunday afternoon, relaxing after the glow of a great church service. The band did a great job this morning and we kicked off our new series, “how to enjoy Christmas”….I spoke on the ‘Relly Bash”…how to enjoy Christmas with your relatives…My two main points were to create margins for yourself (boundaries) and also to invite Jesus to the party. Jesus first miracle was to turn 160 gallons of water into the best wine available….at a 7 day wedding party. He wants to be invited to the party….

Then…after that…back home with number one son as wife and daughter are off to a birthday party and we did what dads and their sons do…ate some smallgoods and a good loaf of bread….he is playing ‘sponge bob’ and I am reading the paper…aaah.

2 thoughts on “Anticipation and I love Sunday afternoons in Inglewood…”

  1. The only thing spoiling that photo is the Sunday Times.
    Purile drivel.
    Unfortunately our daily paper here is made by the same company, so it’s pretty average quality.

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