Sunday Times….sigh….part two

After his fellow journalist at the Sunday Times, Jay Clark, was compelled to apologise in this weeks Sunday Times for making a mistake last week about Mark Harveys contract length….

(Bad journalism) one might have thought that Kim Hagdorn would get it right.

Apparently even though he is paid full time, and apparently studies and knows both West Aussie footy sides, you would think he might get the players numbers right, especially when talking about those numbers specifically!

“Other attractive numbers on offer to Fremantle’s eight new recruits include Matthew Carr’s No.9 and departed ruckman Robbie Warnock’s 21, made more famous by respected former big man Justin Longmuir.” (source)

mmmm….good one Kim…you dork.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Times….sigh….part two”

  1. you sound surprised that hagdorn would display inexcusable ignorance about freo. the man has displayed this cavernous lack of nous on numerous occasions. how he keeps his job is beyond me. he should be writing for the weagles members’ newsletter as that’s where his heart is

  2. Hmmm, just left a comment on your previous post.
    I am surprised you didn’t use Longmuir as an opportunity to show that stupid game that you haven’t forgotten about!!!!!!

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