Rick Warren

When people from both sides of politics are villifying you, its probably a sign you are doing the right thing.
Rick Warren is clearly a biblical/conservative minister….yet Obama has picked him to pray a prayer of blessing on his presidency. I doubt Warren voted for Obama……
This quote from Warren from the LA Times speaks volumes for the wisdom of the man. I am so glad he is representing us in the media…

“I happen to love Democrats and Republicans,” he told the gathering. “And for the media’s purpose, I happen to love gays and straights. . . . Who ever came up with the idea that you have to agree with everybody on everything in order to love them?”Warren added: “And you know what my attitude is: You don’t have to see eye to eye to walk hand in hand, and you can disagree without being disagreeable” (Source)

3 thoughts on “Rick Warren”

  1. That is really wise words from Rick. A lot of people don’t get that you don’t have to like how people act or live, but you can still love or doing loving things for them. He expressed that nicely.

    PS. Hope the carrols and Chrissy services went well.

  2. It is obviously only my assumption.
    He may not have….
    I just suspect that based on his strong view regarding abortion and homosexuality….he may have preferred the more conservative candidate.

    He is doing the right thing by praying for those in authority.

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